5 representantes del Skateboarding que debes de saber

5 representatives of Skateboarding that you should know

The world of Skateboarding has a wide variety of representatives or references that undoubtedly marked the history of this field. Therefore, below you will meet the 5 most important representatives of Skateboarding in history.

Without further ado, let's review from the beginnings of Skateboarding to the present day, to discover the five best representatives of the skate parks. Where we will find the most emblematic like Tony Hawk, those who are no longer with us like Jay Adams; and those who still participate competitively in the Olympics like the young Nyjah Huston.

The 5 best representatives of Skateboarding

Tony Hawk

Representantes del Skateboarding ony Hawk

Without a doubt, the most emblematic and world-famous representative or character of all Skateparks is the great Tony Hawk; who was born in California United States and during his childhood and adolescence began his path in Skateboarding.

However, for Tony Hawk it was not only passion, since he became the best skater in the world; especially of the half pipe managing to be considered an expert in tricks and turns.

Among the main achievements in Skateboarding by Tony Hawk are landing turns of 720º and 900º. The 720º spin landing was achieved by him in 1985, while the legendary 900º spin landing was achieved by him five years after so many attempts in 1999.

Likewise, he managed to invent and create a huge number of tricks, such as the benihana, the madona, the stalefsh and the airwalk. In this way he would become the best known skateboarder in the world; with a total career of 35 years as a professional, for which he is so recognized for opening up discipline at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics; and be the winner of the National Skateboard Association award a total of twelve consecutive times.

Representatives of Skateboarding: Jay Adams

Representantes del Skateboarding Jay Adams

Another of the legends of Skateboarding is the emblematic Jay Adams, known by all as the greatest precursor of punk-skate. Many affirm that he was one of the first to enjoy skating with wheels or tires made for skateboarding, just as he accompanied the Z-Boys at a certain point in the city of California.

Jay Adams, in turn, was one of the first to enter the pools to skate to develop tricks and maneuvers; practice that he carried out while still being the present of Skateboarding and representative of the distinguished bowls.

Unfortunately the great Jay Adams passed away in 2014 due to a heart attack; however, the great skater skated until the last days of his life.

In this way, he will always be remembered as the forerunner of vertical skateboarding, starting the current skateboarding full of aerial tricks; that impresses so much on the skate park.

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Representatives of Skateboarding: Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen

Another of the greats of the Skateboarding world stands out Rodney Mullen, who stands out from all of them for being the most successful at a professional level; since he is the one who currently has the most championships won with an impeccable career that he started at the age of 14 and continued for a total of 34 years.

Additionally, the great Rodney Mullen is also known as one of the greatest creators of traditional skate tricks, such as the impossible, the street ollie, the 360-Flip, the Kick-flip and many more. In this way he is considered the father of street skateboarding today and of all skate tracks.

Another point to highlight about the emblematic Rodney Mullen is that he not only dedicated himself to skateboarding, but also studied at a professional level, graduating in Mathematics and Engineering. Being a positive example for generations of Skaters.

Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston, despite being just 24 years old, is one of the greatest Skaters, since he started his career in the nineties when he was just four years old.

Having in this way one of the earliest and most successful professional beginnings, since he began to compete at a professional level; just nine years old in 2004.

Currently, the young skater Nyjah Huston is the overall champion in the Street League Skateboarding for the years 2010, 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019, and is the winner of 12 X-Games medals. And today he managed to represent a participant in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In addition to this; Nyjah Huston is one of the highest paid; and it is thanks to all her collaborations; advertisements and sponsors. Just as he is also dedicated to uploading multiple videos on virtual platforms such as YouTube, which considerably increases his popularity, legacy and of course his earnings.

Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain

Finally, there is Lance Mountain, who is an emblematic Skater of the eighties; who has an extensive professional career of more than 37 years. Where he jumped to his professional popularity in the year 1981. He is currently an agent for Nike Skateaboarding, being an influential agent.

Managing to be a reference for multiple generations, and the idol of all current Skaters as well as Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and many more by recording videos and traveling everywhere, being part of the prestigious Bones Brigade.

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