Construir una pista de Skate

Tips on where to build a skate park

Build a skate park: One of the most ambitious projects we can have is the construction of a skatepark, a dream for many skate lovers. These types of projects are not child's play, they must have a lot of planning involved and be as serious as possible.

As it is a structure that will occupy a public space, it must have security measures and certain parameters to preserve the good condition of the land. In this article we are going to give you some advice on where, how and what we should take into account when building a skate park.

Where to build a skate park

This is one of the most important points before considering how to build a skate park, where will it be? With this very clear answer we can have a better idea of what we can do to make our dream of a skate park come true. We are going to review the different cases where we can build a skate park.

Build it in a public square or park

Most requests of this style are commanded by fans of skate and freestyle who want to promote culture in their locality. Getting the city council to finance the project of an athlete organization is very complicated, even more so if they are young. You must be very clear about what you are going to say in front of the town hall, how to carry out the project and what the mayor needs to hear.

Construir una pista de Skate
  • You must create a legal organization of skaters in your area, this can be done easily, it is required to have a legal image.
  • Plan your plan very well and describe in great detail to the town hall what is required, there should be no doubts about the project.
  • Define the area in which you want to build well, it should not invade any other public space intended for other activities.

In the event that the city council agrees to finance or support your project, you can contact specialized skate rink manufacturers. Osso Skate's skate parks are an excellent option, all their Skate modules are of high quality. They have a wide range of products to complement your skatepark, they have a complete selection of Bank ramps for all tastes. You can consult the catalog on the official page.

Build a skate park: On private land

At this point if we have more freedom for the construction and elaboration of it. The distribution and the way in which the skate park should be built is left to the owner's freedom.

We can opt for the option of building it with excavations, large machines and other instruments that help us shape the land for the park. But there is the option of mobile modules that you can distribute to your liking at the time you want. This is an excellent option to expand and vary the shape of your skatepark.

Build a skate park: Tips for building your skatepark

In the next section we will give you a series of recommendations so that the construction of your skatepark is optimal. Follow the advice and we assure you that you will have an excellent environment to practice sport. Let's start.

  1. It seeks to create the track with materials that do not generate excessive noise in the surrounding areas, such as residential complexes. The noise can cause annoyance in the neighbors and that your track ends up being closed or fined.
  2. Build with high quality materials so that the skatepark lasts as long as possible in good condition. Here it is not worth looking for the purposeless savings of finding a cheaper material that after a few months is impassable.
  3. Have a park structure that is easily modifiable to avoid falling into the monotony that this entails. The construction of skateparks with movable modules is an excellent alternative, in addition to this you can add other modules and change their distribution.

Choose the elements well

Skate parks are designed in such a way that athletes can make the most of their talent on a varied track. The different obstacles that are positioned in the skatepark allow this work, in the extensive list we find the following basic components:

  • Quarter pipe: It is the simplest way to say ramp, these are usually high and are the most emblematic.
  • Bank: It is a small ramp with flat edges and a slight jump.
  • Flat Rail: This is the famous rail that we all know, a metal cylinder that allows slides and grinds. This can be located in various positions on the track or next to other modules.
  • Pyramid or FunBox: It is a pyramid that has ramps on each side and is flat at the top.
  • Mini ramp: It is the closest thing to a Quarter pipe, but they are usually smaller and do not exceed 15 meters in size.

These elements are what basically make up a skatepark, you can play adding more of these or their variants. The important thing is that you have a solid base to start from and that the athletes are satisfied with the training conditions.

Always look for the professional hand

It is quite common to think of reducing costs in terms of the construction of a skatepark, we think of hiring a general manufacturing company and not one that is entirely dedicated to skateparks. This is a big problem that can directly or indirectly affect the performance of skaters.

On these occasions it is always good to have companies like Osso Skate, specialists in the construction of skateparks. Each of its modules and elements is designed for the best performance and quality, in addition to being a company supported throughout Spain. As for its modules, we find a wide variety in everything that refers to quarter pipes, pyramid, FunBox, bank and others.

By hiring quality and professionalism you will be sure that the project is in experienced hands and your athletes will have the best conditions to practice.

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