¿Dónde está el Skatepark que brilla en la oscuridad?

Where is the glow-in-the-dark skatepark?

If riding in a skatepark is already a very satisfying experience, now imagine walking in one that glows in the dark. It's one of those things that no one asked for but we all needed, we have Koo Jeong to thank for creating it. This Skatepark is quite different from what we are used to seeing and it is great to see how more and more skate parks are innovating.

In this article we will give you all the details of this Skatepark, where it is located, who designed it, etc. If you want to know more about the Skatepark that glows in the dark, continue reading this article

Where is the glow-in-the-dark skatepark?

This genius of the artist Koo Jeong A is located in the United Kingdom, more specifically in England. The Skatepark was requested by the city council of Liverpool and its Biennale, a request that Koo Jeong did not take long to accept. This artist carries tons of artwork on her back related to skateboarding.

It had previously become known for its construction in France, called Another on the island of Vassivière. It was a work that delighted her back in 2012 and that began to give the artist an excellent reputation.

Liverpool will be another city that gets a mention when it comes to unique skateparks. We had already seen it with cities like Shanghai, having the largest Skatepark in the world. It's an excellent (and rather quirky) step in promoting UK skateboarding culture.

It is open to the public who wants to try it and to the most daring skaters, since it is not an easy skate park. It has some somewhat complicated angles, which if you manage to master, you'll be able to enjoy a fluorescent experience to the fullest.

What is the name of the skatepark that glows in the dark?

The name of this Skatepark is Evretro, it is not known for sure who was in charge of choosing it (it is believed that Koo Jeong together with Wheelscape). Best of all, it will form a permanent part of the landscape of this beautiful city, so it will be available to the public for a very long time.

It was designed for both skateboarding and BMX, urban culture in general can be part of this beautiful project. Of course, it is not a park that stands out for its extraordinary design and aggressive modules, quite the opposite. We are used to seeing Koo Jeong's work and most of them have minimalist designs, this being one of those cases.

But Jeong A was not the only one in charge of designing and building this park, Wheelscape Skatepark also participated in this work. One of the most important skate park builders in the town. The fact that Wheelscape was involved was partly what could bring this project to life, which would not have been possible without its extravagance.

Wheelscape has always maintained its philosophy of givingprogressive designs and freedom to the designer. Afterwards, it is seen as giving life to the project, but having a free creative process is what will make the Skatepark unique. Now imagine the scenario, a daring builder together with an artist who exudes creativity What can go wrong?

The fluorescent section of the park in question is the one surrounding the central bowl. This surface was covered with phosphorescent paint that can glow in the dark (as we are seeing). This is the great detail that makes the park unique, we know of few (if any) skate parks that glow in the dark.

What makes up the Glow-in-the-Dark Skatepark?

As it is a rather minimalist design, we should not expect it to be composed of 100 modules. On the contrary, it is a compact skatepark that meets the basic needs of any skater who wants to try it. Of course, being compact does not mean that it is easy to move around it.

In the construction we can find the mythical bowl, whose prominence we already know well why it is. It is a bowl with variable height and with a concrete finish that gives it a touch of resistance and quality. The surface is quite wide and you can perform several of your favorite tricks while walking on it.

Out of the limelight we have more Skatepark accessories, which make it not so monotonous for skaters. We can find small walls around and irregular surfaces on which skaters can grind. It is an excellent detail for you to go from side to side without stopping.

On one side we can find small steps that can serve as railings for skaters. In Osso skate we have similar birch wood modules in case you want to include them in the construction of your Skatepark. Despite being fairly simple modules, they add an extra dose of fun to the skate park.

The rest of the surface that covers the skatepark that glows in the dark is skateable. Everything is built in quality concrete that Wheelscape Skateparks guarantees. A design that will fascinate any enthusiastic skater for this type of project.

Is the glow-in-the-dark skatepark any good?

We will give you a fairly objective answer based on popular opinion and Jeong A herself. It is a fairly daring Skatepark in terms of design and skating surface, since the angles are not what we are used to seeing . A little more extreme angles than conventional were created to give the small park a little more difficulty.

¿Dónde está el Skatepark que brilla en la oscuridad?

When you manage to overcome and completely dominate the surface of the track, you can show it off with your friends. In Jeong A's own words, you will look like a mountain climber who has just conquered a big mountain. That is the attraction of Evretro, a Skatepark that shines in every sense of the word.

To spend a night it is luxurious, it is also enabled during the day, but the effect of the phosphorescent paint is not well appreciated. We present you Evretro, located in Liverpool and that impressed everyone.

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