The largest skate park in the world

As skateboarders who love sports, we are always curious to know what the most difficult trick will be, the person who has won the most, etc. If you entered here it is because you were surely curious to know which is the largest Skatepark in the world. This is located in Shanghai and we will review it throughout this article.

We will inform you what measures it has, what additional facilities it has, what modules it has, etc. It is a skate park from which a lot of information can be broken down, that is what we will do so that you are 100% aware. Let's start this tour of the largest Skatepark in the world.

El skate park más grande del mundo

SMP Shanghai – The World's Largest Skatepark

As it could not be missing, the largest city in China has the largest Skatepark in the world. Shanghai has always been characterized as a city of records, in this case it shows with its Skatepark SMP. It is a full-fledged skate park, from its size, composition and external facilities.

Its surface is 13,700 square meters, a real madness if you compare it with conventional skateparks. In addition to this, all the complementary facilities that the Skatepark has are included, so that it is more complete than it already is. We are going to give a brief review of the components of the SMP in Shanghai.

Elements that compose it:

  • It is perfectly integrated into the Shanghai city landscape.
  • For the most part, the construction of the Skatepark was made of granite and stone.
  • The park has 13,700 square meters where you can skate.
  • The Skatepark has several bowls, with a total surface area of 4,500 square meters.
  • It has a competition area that exceeds 2,000 square meters.
  • It has a park zone, plaza and some stands that can be skated, both add up to about 5800 square meters.

Sectores del parque y sus componentes

To clearly explain a Skatepark the size of SMP, it is necessary to divide it into several sectors and thus be able to have a clearer idea. We are going to mention each sector along with its components, let's begin.

Competition area

As we have been mentioning, the competition area exceeds 2,000 square meters. It is an area that has a wide variety of modules in which versatility is sought by skaters. This section has everything required for a skate competition.

Fans are not forgotten, as they have more than 5,000 seats available to appreciate the competitions held there. The complex has 2 giant screens where you can see the visual resources of the tournament, from scores, replays, graphics, etc.

Two vert ramps approximately 3.9 meters high and 12 meters wide. In addition to that, it has the classic modules, fun box, jump box, vert Wall, etc. If you want to have similar modules in your own Skatepark you can consult our catalog at Osso Skate. We have excellent construction quality and a good reputation throughout Spain.

To finish complementing this area we have railings, stairs and rails.

Double Cup Bowl and 6 Pack

This is one of the funniest sections of the Skatepark. It is a double bowl with a depth of 2.40 meters. There is also a slightly smaller one for beginners, this one is 0.9 and 1.2 meters deep.

The bowls have a granite topping, extensions and connections between the bowls to be able to skate with each other.

Bowl Link and Dog Bone

This is another of the bowls that the skate park has, it has a depth between 1.8 and 2.7 meters. It has several jumps, extensions, transfers and many more plugins. The other section, the Dog Bone is two rounded bowls of the same depth as the first. Features an extended vert ramp.


Skating surface of more than 1400 square meters. Its height varies from 3 meters to 5 meters depending on the sector where you are. It has one of the most interesting sections of the Skatepark, a tunnel "pot hole" to a full pipe.

The full pipe is 20.75 meters long, while its diameter is approximately 6.5 meters.

Park area

Of all the sections seen, this may be the most conventional that we can find. It is the typical section that resembles a street park so that novices and experienced players can practice. It has a skating surface of about 1750 meters, in which we can go skating through different modules.

In these modules we can find the conventional hubbas, rails, fun box, benches, etc. It is a fun and quite complete section to complement the extraordinary that the SMP has.


One of the favorite places for skaters, skate through a square. This is something that the SMP included and was received quite warmly, it is a square with more than 4100 square meters of granite. You can walk on steps, railings, seats, etc. >

It has two giant sails that allow the site to be shaded and that you can walk without worrying about the sun. Before or after you practice, you can go to the toilets and changing rooms to get in shape. It is a good section to spend some time relaxing walking with your colleagues, this and the park area are the more conventional sections that we will see in the Skatepark.

Vert ramp

When you get to the SMP you can find this vert ramp majesty. It is more than 52 meters long and varies in height, ranging from 3.9 meters to 5.10.

The ramps have extensions of 6 and 7 meters, with an average height of 4 meters. It's a great place for you to practice your vert tricks without being interrupted by other skaters. There is a surface for everyone, especially in the SMP, the largest Skatepark in the world.

This would be the general review of the SMP, a Skatepark that surprised us since its inauguration and that continues to leave us jewels to highlight. We hope you have enjoyed the information and remember that you can contact us if you want to build your own Skatepark in Spain.

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