Somos la empresa de diseño y fabricación de pistas de skate, bike, scooter, roller… OSSO,  situado en Mallabia, Bizkaia.

We started more than 18 years ago building Skatepark elements under our OSSO brand. Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to design and manufacture customized elements and skate parks, adapting them to the user level to get the most out of them.

OSSO skate rinks are focused on offering a solution for the practice of sports on wheels safely, always prioritizing compliance with current regulations and approvals, applying the point of view of users, allowing the adaptation to all levels and styles of skating and seeking the best integration within the urban spaces where they are located.

The facilities are suitable for any type of sport on wheels (Skate, Rolling, BMX, Scooter). This allows different types of sports to be carried out in the same skatepark, to offer free leisure and sports services to users and to carry out sports activities responsibly and seriously.

Since 2016 we have been pioneers in Parkour courts, being the only manufacturer of modular wooden Parkour courts.

Modular System

Para mejorar nuestro servicio, ofrecemos módulos a medida, aparte de los ya incluidos en nuestro catálogo. Gracias a nuestro sistema modular, es posible adaptarlos a las pistas ya existentes. Esto otorga la posibilidad de variar la disposición o de poder ampliar el Skatepark, mejorando las instalaciones a lo largo del tiempo, y consiguiendo combinaciones y diseños exclusivos.

Climate Resistance

A remarkable aspect of our manufacturing system is its great resistance to inclement weather and wear and tear, as well as its better behavior in the event of falls by users, preventing friction and injuries common with other systems.


We currently have more than 300 courts manufactured and distributed throughout the Spanish territory, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. We have also made shipments to France, Italy and Chile.

Approved Tracks

Destacar que todas nuestras pistas están homologadas bajo la Normativa Europea, UNE EN 14974:2021, con la empresa Tecnalia y la certificadora ACCM, siendo únicos en España con certificados la totalidad de los productos de skate. Las pistas también están homologadas bajo la norma americana ASTM F2334-09 que nos permite vender en el continente americano.