Skateparks help young people feel like family

The Skateparks help: The skateparks are places where young people learn many values. Skate and parkour are not just two sports to be practiced. These sports are arts that demonstrate and carry a dynamic. Through this, young people learn to relate to other people who follow this discipline, creating the feeling of family or brotherhood.

Skating, skating, informally called skating or essentially skateboarding, is a game that consists of sliding on a skateboard and simultaneously having the option of performing different stunts, most of them lifting the board off the ground, making pirouettes with it notoriously around.

Experiment with a skate, a flat plank board curved at the ends with two axles and four wheels, with two heads on each of its four wheels, ideally on a level surface, anywhere you tend to roll, as whether in the city or on a skate rink.

Everything you need to know about skateboarding and skateparks

In short, it is essentially called a skateboard, which is also the term used to name the skateboard or skateboard, a table on which skating is pressed. It is identified with surfing, road culture and metropolitan work, however, many skaters only skate on roads or squares.

They are the «rampers», who only skate entrances. In fact, in a significant number of contests there are two additional powerful classes: road and vertical; in light of the fact that an individual can slide down the inclines of a skatepark.

On August 3, 2016, the International Olympic Committee supported the expansion of figure skating for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Love and enthusiasm for skateboarding through art

What is skating? We realize that the reason for being is to skate on a board with wheels to perform different tricks on it. However, skating goes much further and can be seen from various points. As a game, it allows you to practice your body and build muscle; and seen from a choreographic measure, it could even be seen as art.

Like the artist who communicates his thoughts with each development, the skateboarder does the same from a board. The developments are perhaps more similar to rap, dance or even hip hop, but the musicality on the table could well be arranged and linked to the music.

Like a kind of joint where the body moves and flows in a skatepark. Skating, if found in itself as an art. It has gone with and developed alongside different creative joints. We cannot deny the connection that exists between skating and spray painting, both of which are personally connected to the roads.

The specialty of the roads is spray painting. The one that accompanies us in our day to day, the one that exists with us, the one that is not limited to a closed space, but is coordinated in society regardless of the contrasts between each of its individuals.

Skating is a game that arises from the metropolitan space. In our city a couple of years ago it had its explosion and today it continues with less force. Skaters still cling to a public rink while at different points it proceeds to develop and become more expert. A neighborhood visit through this currently Olympic game and its fundamental elements crossed by the social and the social.

This is what a skatepark feels like for young people

To learn this incredible discipline you just have to have a board and start practicing in a skatepark. Osso Skate has the best skate rinks and parkour the market has to offer. You can contact us on our page so you can get one of the courts with the best quality on the market and the best price.

For skaters, skateboarding is a lifestyle. Merely an edge, a step, any point that has height is enough to become a stage for the act of the game. This is how it arose, consuming public spaces that allow the wheels that make up the skateboard to slide to create “a unique sensation”.

Over time, its development allowed these spots to become more intricate and create new difficulties, as well as the presence of public tracks in squares and stops.

Skating is an alternative game since it goes further, it is identified with the urban and at the same time with the skater culture. It is usually polished independently and, like most of them, in meetings. Going alone sometimes is acceptable, however, the thought is to be with your peers and live it, otherwise you don't have much inspiration. You see someone try the stunt and you have to try something very similar, or better.

The best thing about a skatepark is that….

It is also a free game with a greater objective: to do the stunts effectively, "cleanly or as it is commonly said, with your feet on the board". The opportunity arises on the way to achieve it. Each one executes its structure and procedure based on its abilities.

To promote this beautiful sport and discipline, all you need is a track. And who better than the people of Osso Skate to create a great track where young people can develop their skills and improve values and discipline. Apart from this, skateboarding teaches them to never give up.

“The style changes a lot. He has no definite request." A decent help and the best inspiration is recordings about stunt organizations and taking them on the roads.

The connections that are created are even, that is why learning occurs without anyone's help and on skate rinks it occurs more regularly. The skaters help each other with tricks and strategies, such as how to put their feet. At the same time, the game also has its influence:

"Skating teaches you a lot forever, to fall and try again. It's an exceptionally solid game, in the event that we crash, it's uh, sorry, individuals always have decent energy."

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